Digital Economy Promotion Agency, the agency under the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society From the great success of the event throughout the past two years, Digital Thailand BigBang has created a tremendous flow and alertness among people of all ages, including foreign partners, in topic of changing the country with the technology of Thailand.  In 2019, Thailand has been given the role of ASEAN Chairman once again after past decade and organize the annual ASEAN Summit (ASEAN Summit) event organized by Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) which ASEAN is an arena for international cooperation to carry out cooperation activities of members among all 10 member countries, whether cooperation in economic, social, cultural, security until technology and innovation.  This event considered to be an important platform for the change and role of Thailand at the regional level. The department realizes the importance and desires to extend Digital Thailand Big Bang 2019 to be an international exhibition by collaborating with foreign partners to create ASEAN Connectivity in the event.

This year, we held 3 areas for everyone to be thrilled at the event.

Creativity Zone
Meet digital technology, helping to unlock human creativity without limits by tools that can invent everything like never before. We, therefore, invite you to be excited with inventions, innovation, creative ideas, advanced creativity from the most advanced digital technology of the future, such as Artificial Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing technology that will help invent creativity both in art and science. Not only imagination anymore.

Society Zone
We invite you to experience a new way to enhance the quality of life with digital technology that will help create opportunities and equality for society, such as, disadvantaged people, children and people in remote areas to discover a new dimension of learning where everyone can access world-class knowledge without location and time barrier. Receiving high-tech medical services that will allow people in remote areas to receive services from doctors through Telemedicine technology and other services to answer the question of digital technology can raise life, create equality in society until being a society that does not leave anyone behind

Smart City Zone
Meet the city of the future that will invite audiences to experience digital technology that will be involved in everyone’s daily lives since waking up to sleep in the Smart City zone.  This zone will simulate the future of intelligent cities that uses Smart City technology to help facilitate daily activities, increase efficiency in doing things, such as, traveling, including increase life and property safety through intelligent CCTV systems, and helping to take care of our loved ones from children to the elderly at home